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Crawley College students team up with a charity to create memorial bench

9 November 2021

Carpentry students at Crawley College have created a lasting legacy at Ifield Watermill in honour of a special volunteer.

Last month, the college was honoured to be approached by members of the Ifield Watermill to complete carving on the back of a bench in memory of Ted Henbery, a volunteer who worked at the mill and recently passed away.

His daughter has since kindly donated £100 by way of sponsoring a student award for Carpentry & Joinery department.

From left to right are Zuzana Peppett a member of college staff and a volunteer at the mill. Jordan Keevash, who completed the work and Peter Temple-Smithson, a trustee of the watermill.

Jordan Keevash, who is currently studying bench joinery, stepped up to complete the work on the memorial bench putting his skills and keen eye into practice.Trustee Peter Temple-Smithson and Zuzana Peppett, who is also a volunteer at Ifield Watermill Charity, visited the college  to collect the project from Jordan.

Trevor Francis, lecturer at Crawley College, said: “The team were very pleased with Jordan’s work and invited our students to go and look at the mill, which has a fantastic timber structure very relevant to their learning.

“Jordan worked really well and to a high standard in completing the carved lettering which was created using a CAD – CAM manufacturing process on a CNC router.”