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Manga artist inspires budding illustrators

25 March 2022

Crawley College students enjoyed a thrilling masterclass with Japanese Manga artist, Inko Ai Takita last week.

7Manga – which means ‘comic’ in Japanese – is an increasing popular art genre, reflected in the popularity of this unique event, which was organised in collaboration with Lookout, a Brighton-based organisation which connects young people, artists and businesses. 

The workshop kicked off with an introduction from Inko, who spoke about her experience and approach to Manga art as well as how she got into the industry herself.   

Students then enjoyed having a go themselves, as Inko guided them through the basic principles and helped them to create their own Manga character.   

She then took centre stage in CCM’s (Crawley College Media) latest episode of ‘An Audience With…’, a dedicated TV show filmed by Crawley College students and produced by CCM HUB, in partnership with Sussex Media Group and Focus Film School. It’s available to watch on CCM’s YouTube channel:

Alex, one of the students who took part in the masterclass, said: “I enjoyed the workshop and found it enjoyable practicing to draw faces but work on making the proportions of the face more natural yet look more manga-esque. 

“Inko was a very friendly person who many would enjoy learning to draw manga from, she looks to be someone who is very invested in their work and knows a lot around it. 

Classmate Eloise added: “I really enjoyed it when she allowed us to design a new superhero.  

“Meeting Inko was useful because I got to see what it’s like to be a Manga artist.” 

It’s hoped more drop-in workshops of this kind will be able to take place for students at Crawley College, as well as other Chichester College Groups colleges, with the staff acknowledging how important it is for students to hear from people working in the industries they want to join. 

Clive Martin, lecturer in creative media production at Crawley College, said: “The opportunity for our students to meet practitioners within the creative sector is so important. 

“Inko gave the students first-hand insight into what it’s like working within the Manga world, its challenges and rewards.  

“The experience has had a very positive impact on our students and will undoubtedly inspire them to achieve their own ambitions within the creative sector.”