Professional Qualifications

A professional qualification can make a huge difference to your career prospects, whether you are looking to progress with your current employer or apply for a new role in your chosen field.

Crawley College offers qualifications accredited by some of the most prestigious professional institutions, which will not only give you the in-depth knowledge you need to succeed, but will help your CV to stand out to employers who are looking for the highest calibre employees.

Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT)

AAT accredited training gives you the practical skills to manage finances, budgets and cash flow more effectively, providing a firm basis for an organisation’s finances.

What’s on offer?

Level 2Accounting

Level 3Accounting

Level 4Accounting

Chartered Institute of Marketing

Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) qualifications give you the skills and knowledge to devise and execute marketing activities and gain marketing credibility.

What’s on offer?

Level 4CIM certificate in Marketing

(subject to demand)Level 6 CIM diploma in Marketing

Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development

The college offers CIPD qualifications at Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced Levels, so no matter what your current role in Human Resources, you’ll be able to build your knowledge and apply best practice in the industry.

What’s on offer?

Level 3 CIPD certificate in Human Resources Practice

Level 5CIPD certificate in Human Resource Management

Level 7CIPD Advanced Diploma in Human Resources Management

Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply (CIPS)

Crawley College offers a ‘ladder’ of CIPS qualifications designed to take you from operational competency to senior procurement professional level.

What’s on offer?

(subject to demand) CIPS advanced certificate in Purchasing and Supply

Level 4 CIPS diploma in Procurement and Supply

Level 5 CIPS advanced diploma in Procurement and Supply

Level 6 CIPS postgraduate diploma in Purchasing and Supply

Institute of Leadership and Management

Leadership development has a positive effect on every aspect of business and a qualification in this area can give you the skills to improve financial performance and increase innovation and efficiency in the workplace.

What’s on offer?

Level 3ILM award in Leadership and Management

Level 3ILM certificate in Leadership and Management

Level 5ILM award in Leadership and Management

Level 5ILM certificate in Leadership and Management