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Army regiment offers training to Crawley College students

19 April 2024

Public Services students at Crawley College are being put through their paces at the Army Reserves Centre.

Soldiers in the Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment, led by Sgt Mathew Breeson, have been volunteering their time each month to give students at the college the opportunity to experience the Army environment. 

They are running monthly, two hour long, Army training sessions for the students on the Uniformed Public Services courses. 

Paul Loader, lecturer at Crawley College, said: “This is an exceptional opportunity for our student to learn with serving soldiers and experience Army life, first hand. 

“As well as receiving training, they are talking to the soldiers and getting to know more about the Armed Forces. 

“We are very grateful for the kind commitment from the Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment and the time Sgt Breeson and his team are giving to our students.” 

The students added: “We would like to extend my sincere thanks to the soldiers and staff at the Army Reserves Centre for their hospitality and for making this visit possible. Their professionalism and willingness to share their knowledge left a lasting impression on us. 

“It gave us a small introduction to what it’s like in the Army. We’re grateful to the soldiers that took the time out of their day to give us this experience. 

“During our visit, we were privileged to have members of the army reserves as our instructors for the evening. They guided us through a series of activities that gave us a glimpse into their world. 

“The first activity was a demonstration where one of the instructors showcased the SA80 Rifle, Glock Pistol, and NLAW (Next Generation Light Anti-Tank Weapon) weapon systems. We were even given the opportunity to hold and examine these firearms up close, which was both thrilling and educational. 

“Next, we participated in a drill session where the instructor taught us the proper techniques for standing at attention, turning, and marching. We followed along with their instructions and had the chance to perform our own march, turns, and standing at attention. It was a challenging yet rewarding experience that gave us a taste of the discipline and precision required in the Army.

“The final activity of our visit was a walkthrough of the equipment used by the army. We had the opportunity to see firsthand the various tools and gear that are essential for their operations. It was fascinating to learn about the different types of equipment and how they are used in different scenarios.

“Overall, our visit to the Army Reserves was an eye-opening and inspiring experience. It provided us with a deeper appreciation for the dedication and sacrifice of our soldiers. We are grateful to have had the chance to interact with these brave men and women who serve our country.”