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Crawley students celebrate strength of voice and support

9 July 2021

After what has been another challenging year in education for students and teachers, students at Crawley College have reflected on what it’s meant for them.

Before the end of term, a series of student conferences were held and – despite the difficulties they’ve faced, from lockdowns to the traumatic incident that took place at the campus back in April – it was the support and the commitment of staff that they chose to focus on. 

Comments – collected anonymously by elected student representatives to encourage full disclosure – were overwhelmingly positive.

One student representative said: “The support that has been given this year, by the staff, has been amazing.”

Another added: “I usually have comments and questions to ask, but I haven’t had anything this time – just to say thanks for all of the support.”

Students also spoke of their gratitude for the increasing strength of student voice at the college.

They said: “I love now that everyone has a voice.

“My class have opened up more and they’re voicing what they want done.

“I one 100% agree we all have a voice and it’s being heard.

“Staff listen and take into account of what everyone has to say, which is one of my favourite things about being at Crawley College.”