Additional Learning Support

Whether you have a learning difficulty such as dyslexia, need a little extra help with English or maths, have a physical disability, or need additional tuition because English is not your first language, our specialist staff will support you throughout your studies.

We welcome applications from all students and our Additional Learning Support team is committed to giving you the help you need to complete your course successfully. The team can offer extra assistance to students with hearing or visual impairments, specific learning difficulties, medical conditions and other learning and physical disabilities.

We have qualified and experienced additional learning support staff who can offer a wide range of services, including:

  • One-to-one support
  • In-class support
  • Scribe and/or note taker
  • Reader
  • Specialist equipment (i.e. IT software)
  • Communication support 
  • Dyslexia specialist support
  • Assisting with exam access arrangements
  • Drop-in sessions

For further information on Additional Learning Support available at Crawley College please call 01293 442329.