Information for Parents and Carers

We recognise that parents and carers play a pivotal role in helping their child transition from school to college, and in supporting them to make important decisions about their education and future career.

In order to help students reach their full potential, here are some of the ways in which we are committed to working with you:

Pastoral Support Advisers

The team of Pastoral Support Advisers (PSAs) monitors the progress and wellbeing of students during their time at college. Students can request a meeting with a PSA at any point during the academic year to discuss anything from concerns about their work to personal issues or financial difficulties.

Where concerns are raised about a student’s progress, a member of the PSA team will work with them and their parents/carers (where appropriate) to identify an appropriate course of action.

Progress Reviews

During the autumn and spring terms, subject tutors meet with students to review their progress, attendance, punctuality, attitude to learning and ability to meet deadlines. Students will be given clear advice on what they need to do to advance towards their target grade, with any necessary support put in place where there are concerns about attainment. A formal review document will be completed and a copy sent to you.

Parents' Evenings

The parents’/carers’ evening is the perfect opportunity to meet your child’s subject tutors and pastoral support adviser to discuss their progress. It is an excellent opportunity for tutors to address any problems or difficulties that your child may be experiencing and we strongly recommend that you attend.

Additional Learning Support

We strongly believe that all students have the right to equal access to education. If your child has a learning difficulty or disability, they will be offered support from our Additional Learning Support team for the duration of their time at the college. As well as succeeding in their study programme, we actively encourage students to take part in enrichment activities and will put in place all reasonable assistance for students with additional learning support needs to do so.

Careers Advice

Students are encouraged to visit the Work Ready Zone at the Crawley campus, where specially-trained staff are on hand to provide careers advice, CV writing and interview tips, as well as guidance on routes into Apprenticeships.

Need more information? If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call our Student Services team on 01293 442200.