How To Apply

Applying to Crawley College couldn't be simpler.

Just follow these four easy steps and be part of an incredible learning experience.

Step 1 - application form

You can apply online by searching for your course and clicking on the 'apply now' button found on each course page. Alternatively we can send you an electronic application form by email upon request.

We'll let you know when we've safely received your application with an acknowledgement letter, usually within two weeks.

Search for a course

Step 2 - your interview

We'll need to arrange a meeting with you before we can formally accept you onto the course. We'll contact you within four weeks of your acknowledgement letter to invite you into an interview, along with the time and the date.

Don't worry - the interview is there to give you advice and guidance on any additional help you might need and to make sure that the course is right for you. It will usually be with your course tutor and there may be a short aptitude test involved, but nothing too scary!

We aim to arrange your interview within nine weeks of your acknowledgment letter.

Read our interview advice
so you know what to expect.

Step 3 - accepting a place

Within two weeks of your interview, we'll send you a letter to confirm that you've been offered a place. The offer will either be unconditional (you don't have to do anything) or conditional (you'll be told in your interview what the conditions are, e.g. the GCSE grades you need).

You will need to complete the acceptance slip found in your letter ASAP and return it to us.

Don't forget to return this slip - it's very important that we know you're coming!

Step 4 - starting college

A few weeks before the start of your course we’ll contact you and let you know where to come on your first day and at what time, also where to find further information. It’s important the college has an up to date email address in order to send this information to you.

If you need any help, pop in and talk to our admissions team or call 01293 442200 and press option 2 for Admissions.

Application tracker

The application tracker allows students to log in and track the progress of an application.

When applying for the first time, students can log in at any time to review the status of an application, check course and entry requirements, dates for enrolment and more.

Students will receive login details for the application tracker in an email inviting them to pre-enrol.

Log in to the application tracker:

Application Tracker

Please note: to receive the invitation to pre-enrol, which includes login details for the application tracker, students:

  • must have an accepted offer which is not withdrawn;
  • must not be an International, Higher Education or Progression application (the tracker is currently unavailable for these students);
  • must be 16 years of age or over on the 31 August in the year of enrolment.

Minimum Entry Requirements

Crawley College, which is part of the Chichester College Group, offers a wide range of programmes from entry level to degree level.

The table below outlines the minimum entry requirements we usually expect our students to achieve before they can join a particular level or type of course, which applies for all colleges across the group.

In some instances, some courses may require some additional qualification or specialist experience. You'll find details about this in the course information pages on the website.

If you would like more information about entry requirements, please contact the admissions team on 01293 442200 or visit our Contact Us page.

CCG entry requirements