GO Graduate!

Graduates of 2020 and 2021

Stay local and and GO further at our local colleges, just like our graduates of 2020 and 2021!

The graduation for the 2020 students sadly had to be postponed, but they were all invited to this years' graduation to celebrate their fantastic achievement.

Our graduates

Hugo Hobbs HNC Art & Design (Digital Pathway)
Jessica Jarvis HNC Art & Design (Digital Pathway)
Jamie Woolgar HNC Art & Design (Digital Pathway)
Mark Richards HNC Computing
Gerry Foronda HNC Construction
Joanne Hughes HNC Construction
Simon Barr HNC Construction & the Built Environment
Ryan Cox HNC Construction & the Built Environment
Janine Gosling HNC Construction & the Built Environment
Jack Harvey HNC Construction & the Built Environment
Benjamin Holmes HNC Construction & the Built Environment
Benjamin Hook HNC Construction & the Built Environment
Ebrima Jallow HNC Construction & the Built Environment
Joe Major HNC Construction & the Built Environment
Declan Moore HNC Construction & the Built Environment
James Sprey HNC Construction & the Built Environment
Matthew Wakefield HNC Construction & the Built Environment
Aaron Frederick Luke LAUNCHBURY HNC Creative Media Production
Samuel CUNNINGHAM HNC Engineering (Electrical And Electronic)
Romano Manuel DA GRACA HNC Engineering (Electrical And Electronic)
Joshuah DALEY HNC Engineering (Electrical And Electronic)
Kristian Joseph DEAN HNC Engineering (Electrical And Electronic)
Rory JOGGYAH HNC Engineering (Electrical And Electronic)
Piers LYDON HNC Engineering (Electrical And Electronic)
Beata PANCZYK HNC Engineering (Electrical And Electronic)
George Lewis PENFOLD HNC Engineering (Electrical And Electronic)
Geraint QUICK HNC Engineering (Electrical And Electronic)
Gregory David SMEDLEY HNC Engineering (Electrical And Electronic)
Max SMITH HNC Engineering (Electrical And Electronic)
Alex TAYLOR HNC Engineering (Electrical And Electronic)
Sam Michael THOMAS HNC Engineering (Electrical And Electronic)
Matthew Brian WAGHORN HNC Engineering (Electrical And Electronic)
Harry Benham HNC Engineering (General)
Joshua Briffet HNC Engineering (General)
Joshua Chipps HNC Engineering (General)
Sam Coopey HNC Engineering (General)
Samuel Finch HNC Engineering (General)
Adam Goff HNC Engineering (General)
Cameron Lennox HNC Engineering (General)
Danny Martin HNC Engineering (General)
Matthew McCurdy HNC Engineering (General)
James Moore HNC Engineering (General)
Jacob Nolder HNC Engineering (General)
Luke Padley HNC Engineering (General)
Oscar Reeves HNC Engineering (General)
Paul Smith HNC Engineering (General)
Thierry CHAPMAN HNC Engineering (Manufacturing)
Jack Paul HEBBERD HNC Engineering (Manufacturing)
William CLEARY HNC Engineering (Mechanical)
Thomas Alan DENNIS HNC Engineering (Mechanical)
Jack William HUMPHREY HNC Engineering (Mechanical)
Andrew MAYRICK HNC Engineering (Mechanical)
Alexandre Robert MAYS HNC Engineering (Mechanical)
Daniel Allen HNC Horticulture
Holly Burn HNC Horticulture
Brooke Davenport HNC Horticulture
Georgina Harris HNC Horticulture
Thembisile Richardson HNC Horticulture
Joanne Smyth HNC Horticulture
Toby Stedman HNC Horticulture
Molly Upton HNC Horticulture
Enya Oates HNC Music (Professional Session Musician)
Jordan Pulley HNC Music (Professional Session Musician)
Morgan Jones HNC Performing Arts (Acting)
Joshua McCoy HNC Performing Arts (Acting)
Isaac Sturge HNC Performing Arts (Acting)
Charlotte Walters HNC Performing Arts (Acting)
Jean ALEXIS HND Aeronautical Engineering
Daniel Louis Alec BONE HND Aeronautical Engineering
William FREEMAN HND Aeronautical Engineering
Tarek GHANNAM HND Aeronautical Engineering
Mohi-Ud-Din GHOUS HND Aeronautical Engineering
Kieron Derek HAMILTON HND Aeronautical Engineering
Irfaan JABBAR HND Aeronautical Engineering
Maryam KHAN HND Aeronautical Engineering
Mohammed-Naseeruddin KHAN HND Aeronautical Engineering
Hayat MUSTAPHA HND Aeronautical Engineering
Eloise Bennett HND Animal Management
Emma Bew HND Animal Management
Lydia Birdseye HND Animal Management
Simone Brady HND Animal Management
Lily Bravo HND Animal Management
Elizabeth Brown HND Animal Management
Louis Cornwall HND Animal Management
Jasmine Curtis HND Animal Management
Samuel Douglas HND Animal Management
Katie Dray HND Animal Management
Jade Durrant HND Animal Management
Chloe Evans HND Animal Management
Chloe Francis HND Animal Management
Eleanor Goodchild HND Animal Management
Daisy Hughes HND Animal Management
Chantelle Hurley HND Animal Management
Sian Kirwan HND Animal Management
Lucy Latcham HND Animal Management
Olivia Lenharth HND Animal Management
Abigail Lewis HND Animal Management
Nicola Mortimer HND Animal Management
Finley Osborn HND Animal Management
Sherice Quick HND Animal Management
Caitlin Russell HND Animal Management
Hannah Steady HND Animal Management
Sharon Torrance HND Animal Management
Jamie Wall HND Animal Management
Cheuk Lun Warburton HND Animal Management
Charlotte Abbott HND Art & Design (Digital Pathway)
Georgia Kenney HND Art & Design (Digital Pathway)
Anastasia Lagarez HND Art & Design (Digital Pathway)
Mushnad Samir Ahmad HND Business
Bethany Burns HND Business
Alfie Cooper HND Business
Adam Croad HND Business
Oskar Ficek HND Business
Michael Field HND Business
Harry Fogarty HND Business
Krisjanis Ginters HND Business
Robert Johnston HND Business
Thomas Jones HND Business
Helen Kimber HND Business
William Kingston HND Business
Thomas Lettis HND Business
Jacob Marrinan HND Business
Daniel Meisinger HND Business
Mantvydas Minelga HND Business
Humza Munir HND Business
Lauren Newman HND Business
Joana Pimenta HND Business
Tiffany Sayers HND Business
Robert Smith HND Business
Jasmine Smyth HND Business
Samuel Toolan HND Business
Joseph Woods HND Business
Erica Young HND Business
Nelam Khan HND Business
Aneeqa Malik HND Business
Jibin Paul HND Business
Paul Sanderson HND Business
Simi Sudra HND Business
Sydney Bryant HND Computing
Holly Carter HND Computing
Reece Harris HND Computing
Harry Jeacock HND Computing
Tracey Johns HND Computing
Alexander Nagle HND Computing
Cameron Norris-Guy HND Computing
Alastair Russell HND Computing
Bradley Swailes HND Computing
Maxime Willer HND Computing
Mathew Williams HND Computing
Ben Woodburn HND Computing
Rachael Ann CUMMINGS HND Computing (Security)
Jamie Raymond GUNNER HND Computing (Security)
Haseen NALEEM HND Computing (Security)
Sarah Elizabeth PRENTICE HND Computing (Security)
Sayyidur RAHMAN HND Computing (Security)
Modou Lamin SIDIBEH HND Computing (Security)
Ahmed Aadil SUMAR HND Computing (Security)
Fern Astridge BRUCE HND Creative Media Production
James William HOWELL HND Creative Media Production
Cameron Jordan IULA HND Creative Media Production
Jamie Reese KEMPSTER HND Creative Media Production
Olivia Grace LAWRENCE HND Creative Media Production
Palwasha MATIN HND Creative Media Production
Robbie Lee MONAHAN HND Creative Media Production
Max Ian Andrew MOY HND Creative Media Production
Joe Bennett HND Creative Media Production (Journalism)
Susanna Bennison HND Creative Media Production (Journalism)
Lawrence Blunden HND Creative Media Production (Journalism)
Gabriel Broadhurst HND Creative Media Production (Journalism)
Joseph Broughton HND Creative Media Production (Journalism)
Wing Lam Cheung HND Creative Media Production (Journalism)
Bradley Conway HND Creative Media Production (Journalism)
Charlize Driscoll-Bennett HND Creative Media Production (Journalism)
Tilly Fox HND Creative Media Production (Journalism)
Naail Khan HND Creative Media Production (Journalism)
Annabelle Osborne HND Creative Media Production (Journalism)
Callum Rowland HND Creative Media Production (Journalism)
Maria Do Mar Salles Parente HND Creative Media Production (Journalism)
Marianne Wakefield-Harrey HND Creative Media Production (Journalism)
Lily Ward HND Creative Media Production (Journalism)
Archie Wardle HND Creative Media Production (Journalism)
Isabella Xenopoulos HND Creative Media Production (Journalism)
Michael John BRIDGER HND Engineering (Electrical And Electronic)
Jonathan Huseyin Gerald COWAN HND Engineering (Electrical And Electronic)
Callum Edward EGGLEDEN HND Engineering (Electrical And Electronic)
Bruce Clive FOSTER HND Engineering (Electrical And Electronic)
Gavin HEDGES HND Engineering (Electrical And Electronic)
Matthew Oliver HOLLIS HND Engineering (Electrical And Electronic)
David William HONEYSETT HND Engineering (Electrical And Electronic)
Tyler Paul HYATT HND Engineering (Electrical And Electronic)
Hilton KARIMAKWENDA HND Engineering (Electrical And Electronic)
Haydar Ali MALIK HND Engineering (Electrical And Electronic)
Mohammed Hassan MOGHAL HND Engineering (Electrical And Electronic)
Jayprakash NAYEE HND Engineering (Electrical And Electronic)
Jake WEARE HND Engineering (Electrical And Electronic)
David WORTH HND Engineering (Electrical And Electronic)
Tom Hurford HND Engineering (General)
Max Littleboy HND Engineering (General)
Ollie Murray HND Engineering (General)
Reece John BEANEY HND Engineering (Manufacturing)
Jesus Martinez Hernandez HND Engineering (Manufacturing)
Joss Victor RAZZELL HND Engineering (Manufacturing)
Ryan Ronald BONNER HND Engineering (Mechanical)
Thomas Robert BUDD HND Engineering (Mechanical)
Ali Michael Hasan COWAN HND Engineering (Mechanical)
Robert John DENNIS HND Engineering (Mechanical)
Jack FIELDER HND Engineering (Mechanical)
Alexandra Elizabeth HERD HND Engineering (Mechanical)
Andrew Robert HUTCHINSON HND Engineering (Mechanical)
Luke Peter JOHNSTON HND Engineering (Mechanical)
Bruce John KABLEAN HND Engineering (Mechanical)
Jacob Benjamin MICOUD HND Engineering (Mechanical)
Girum MULISA HND Engineering (Mechanical)
Aidan Victor William OXLEY-SHAW HND Engineering (Mechanical)
Kevin RAMSAY HND Engineering (Mechanical)
Jac WILLIAMS HND Engineering (Mechanical)
Ruby Fry HND Hospitality Management
Alwin James HND Hospitality Management
Adam Moore HND Hospitality Management
Joana Paiva Pombo HND International Travel & Tourism Management