Community Scorecard


Our Community Scorecard is a tool to help you measure how much we contribute to our local community in West Sussex and to the South East.

It is laid out in three key segments covering student success, community and employers and gives you a guide to both our achievements and areas of focus.

Each segment has a number of different sections which covers most aspects of our College and we have used a traffic light system to indicate how well we are doing. We update this information at the end of each calendar year to ensure you are kept informed of our progress.

Student Success
How do we involve our students?     GREEN
How well do our students succeed?     AMBER
What do our students say about us?     GREEN
Who do we work with in our community?     GREEN
Supporting the charity sector     GREEN
Links to parents, schools and industry     GREEN
Who comes to our college?     GREEN
What work do we do with employers?     GREEN
Our training courses     GREEN
Our apprentices     GREEN
What do our employers think of us?     AMBER