IT Academy

The IT Academy at Crawley College is an exciting new development which has transformed a key area of the college into a modern, interactive learning environment complete with cutting-edge technology and software.

The IT Academy enhances the digital and computing skills of young people and those already working in the IT industry, as well as offering an impressive range of specialist computer software and hardware courses.

The college’s Principal and CEO, Sarah Wright, commented, “The IT Academy is an exciting new addition to our increasing training provision at the college. It will provide local residents, students and employers the opportunities to develop key computer-based skills through to recognised industry programming and engineering qualified status, helping to enhance the digital literacy of the region.”

The Academy features flexible learning spaces for the teaching and development of nationally recognised Cisco and Microsoft qualifications and includes state-of-the-art computers, tablets, smart boards and server rooms. 

The Learning Suite space encourages the use of ‘blended learning’, integrating technology into teaching and learning for a more engaging and interactive learner experience, as well as breakout pods, flexible learner zones and associated clubs and workshops.