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Collaborative college project sees students join forces to create a SumoBot Ring

3 April 2024

Crawley College bench joinery and aeronautical engineering students have been working together to complete a SumoBot Ring project

Level 3 bench joinery students Dantina Gillet and Jordan Keevash helped support the aeronautical engineering students to produce a SumoBot Ring, an MDF circular base used by Sumo wrestlers.

Joinery students worked on the base of the project throughout February, before handing over to the aeronautical engineering students on Thursday 7 March, where the project was given its finishing touches.

Throughout the project, both teams worked through and investigated engineering problems, generating ideas and undertook different solutions and developed a portfolio to document the outcome of the project.

Bharti Varma, aeronautical engineering lecturer at Crawley College, said: “It was lovely to see the teams of students come together and to see the details about how the ring was made.  The students have all done a great job on the ring and I can’t wait to see it being used in the upcoming SumoBot challenge.

“The students learnt how project management is vital to all engineering fields, from aircraft and computing to manufacturing. This project produces a variety of results, and we built ours on a SumoBot that includes project management.”

Sumo is a full-contact wrestling style, where a wrestler aims to force their opponent out of a circular ring or touch the ground with any body part other than the soles of their feet.

Instead of using wrestlers, the students at Crawley College used bots for the final version of their project.

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