A visit from Simon Calder

01 December 2015
Journalist and TV personality Simon Calder recently visited Central Sussex College to share his thoughts and insights on the world of travel. Student groups from Travel and Tourism and Media had a quick-fire Q&A session with Simon, who was ready to share his opinions on everything from airport security, to the best place in the world to visit in November.

Simon, who is known as ‘the man who pays his way’, is Britain’s leading travel commentator and so was well placed to answer the wide variety of questions that came his way. Immediately dispelling students’ nerves, he stated that “There is no such thing as a silly question, but you might get a silly answer”.

The students got straight to the point – asking him how the migrant crisis might affect the travel industry and if government budget cuts in policing would affect airport security. He had a reassuring message about the future of travel, stating that even in light of recent terrorist events, tourists are still safer than ever.

Other questions related to his own travel experiences, with students amused by his responses of “The last place I visited is always my favourite” and “I don’t know how many places I’ve been to, but not enough”. He even shared his insights into why the Sound of Music is the best travel film ever made – although he was open to other opinions.

Simon had some valuable advice for students on keeping up to date with travel trends and building relevant experience by visiting as many places as possible. Even the lecturers got to relive some of their own industry-based experiences from travel agents and airlines.

The students were left in no doubt what a rewarding career path travel or journalism would be and many have already been looking online for their next holiday!