Central Sussex College become Living Wage employer

04 November 2015
Central Sussex College has joined the ranks of Living Wage employers across Crawley after becoming accredited in August 2015.

Under current laws, the minimum wage for those aged 21 and over is £6.70 an hour and less than £4 an hour for under 18s, while the Living Wage is £7.85 an hour. It is calculated according to the basic cost of living in the UK, which is set independently and updated annually.

At Central Sussex College, the Living Wage will apply to all staff and it'll be an expectation of the college’s suppliers that their staff operating at the college are also paid the Living Wage. The only exception is apprentices and under 18s, who are exempt.

Crawley Borough Council has been supporting and encouraging businesses to pay the Living Wage since it became accredited a couple of years ago. Kim's attendance at last year’s Living Wage Week event highlighted the opportunity of being recognised as a Living Wage employer and further prompted a review by the College to encourage subcontractors to engage with the Living Wage.

Kim Morton, Deputy CEO Corporate Services at Central Sussex College, said: "We are proud to be a Living Wage employer. This accreditation covers approximately 600 employees across the college and we will be working with our subcontractors to ensure that their employees working on our campuses are also paid the UK Living Wage next year. The scheme makes sense not just because of its positive impact on everyday lives and the community, but because we value our staff."

Cabinet Member for Economic Development, Councillor Peter Smith, said: “It’s fantastic that Central Sussex College has taken this on and shown its appreciation and support for staff. “The Living Wage is a great example to other employers and, as we’ve seen in other towns and cities, where the council leads other employers will follow. We hope to see more Living Wage employers in Crawley join us in promoting better business.”

This accreditation takes place in time for this year’s Living Wage Week, which takes place from 1-7 November. The week is a UK-wide celebration of the Living Wage and Living Wage employers. It is a great opportunity to raise awareness of the Living Wage and the Living Wage Employer Mark.

The week will also see accredited Living Wage employers across the country celebrate their commitment to the Living Wage.

For more information visit www.livingwage.org.uk