Biology students visit the Royal College of Surgeons

02 November 2015
Final year A Level Biology students hoping to pursue a career in medicine from Central Sussex College’s Sixth Form Haywards Heath attended a popular surgical skills workshop hosted by the Royal College of Surgeons (RCS) in London.

The students took part in a practical skills session where surgeons tutored them on basic suturing skills and surgical knot-tying; skills that are essential in all modern surgical procedures. In addition to viewing brain and heart surgery, the students were able to see the wide range of medical specimens that were on display at The Hunterian Museum which is housed within the RCS. The visit gave students the opportunity to speak to surgeons working within the NHS and in private practice to find out more about medicine and surgery as a career path.

Biology student, Toby Collen, 17, from Haywards Heath, thoroughly enjoyed the surgical skills workshop commenting, "The suturing part of the workshop was great fun, since we got to practise simple suturing techniques - I had seen surgeons suture before, but it was a lot fiddlier than they made it look! The videos guiding us through advanced surgeries such as heart bypasses and brain surgery were also interesting, as they demonstrated a range of skills surgeons have to be proficient with. I learned loads from the day, and am glad I had the opportunity to go."

Yaso Shan, Biology lecturer at the Sixth Form and group leader for the visit echoed Toby’s comments saying, “This was a fantastic opportunity for the students to discuss the realities of working life as a surgeon and to view the vast collection of medical exhibits from anatomical body parts, in the context of pathology and our current understanding of disease. The history of medicine and surgery was also a fascinating insight into how past procedures and practices have shaped modern surgical techniques”.