Anahita Henry

Anahita Henry



Anahita Henry has been a member of Crawley College teaching staff for over 8 years. She is the Enterprise Education Programme Manager and Coach for the College. She has worked with students from level 1 to level 7 at the college with a focus on progression, raising aspirations and has a desire for all her students to develop an enterprising mind set. She has devised curriculum plans for enterprise education and is the Lead Internal Verifier for her subject area.

Her previous experience has been involved with e-learning and ILT strategies for implementation in the UK and represented her employers on a number of education consortiums. During her time in internet and telecommunications she worked for Cable & Wireless, reporting to the Board and its Vice Presidents. She was actively involved in business planning, carrying out marketing and strategic analysis on business units and companies.

Anahita is passionate about education and believes that it is through education alone that the positive transformation in individuals and society can occur. She continuously strives to motivate and inspire the learners to achieve to their full potential. She has been educated in both Iran and the UK and lives in Haywards Heath.

Anahita is a member of the Audit Committee.